saying “goodbye”

I think this photo marks a pivotal point in anyone’s life – their final days of school. Loads of “goodbyes” are said, some mean ‘forever’, others mean ‘until tomorrow’. With 12 years of school behind us. . .

2011 kicked off with pure elation – school was over – we traded our blazers for shorts and slops, however between all the thrilling emotions felt there was no doubt that fear was highly present. For those who embarked to the many universities all over South Africa – the idea of the new and never-ending workload, major education shift, the chosen degree, campus life and when are re-writes?, were some of the fears that just kept coming. For those who took the year off and decided to venture into the University of Life  – fear about everything from jobs and money, decisions and choices, travelling and home to the end question “will it all be worth it in the end” was ever-present.

We were now in the “big bad world” all on our own and what made it tougher was knowing that we weren’t all going to be together. Our adventures became independent journeys but I think whether we studied, travelled, worked or did all 3. . . we had a blast this year and learnt heaps and bounds about not only ourselves and what were capable of but what remarkable people we have standing beside us, cheering us on even though we were thousands of kilometers apart. I think no matter what we chose to do this year or what we choose to do for the rest of our lives, this year has shown us a lot about the people we are and the people in our lives.

My dear friends, it was different not seeing you everyday, and saying goodbye as we all embarked on our own life’s adventures was hard knowing that we’d be making some memories on our own. We kept the spirit of life within each other very much alive, there were many laughs, smiles and memories, we partied like the old days and through it all, we thrilled in this new life. Looking back over the past 11 months I think the “goodbyes” turned into, “see you later”.

The friendships we gained over the 5 years in highschool never changed this year, we just grew into them and each other more comfortably. You all did some incredible things this year from simply starting a major step into a future career and moving away to seeing some magical places – I am proud of all of you. We stuck around and continued this year in what ever we did, no matter what anyone said, we survived the first year out of school – there is still another month to go and whether you’re cycling through South Africa, seeing your last bit of the world, writing that final exam, preparing for snow or planning your 3 month holiday – soak it all it up, good luck and enjoy the rest of 2011. . . some adventures are drawing to a close but new ones are just beginning too.


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  1. Warrior, just read through all 3… Actually wanted to start my own blog this year, will have to wait til next year. But, I want to say, it is awesome 🙂 you are amazing. – er, how many times did you read through this before actually posting? And well done on the language, such nice words. Hahahaha, can’t wait to be home ❤

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