teleportation unmythed

So, it is called the incredible Matter Moving Molecule dispenser® or (MMM – as in mmmm, that’s some nice matter moving molecular dispensary). Having friends in different parts of the world wishing I could see them in a split second prompted this glorious design. Within four hours, the design was complete, research done and our joined ideas came up with this. . . (all before midnight might I add!)

The concept is simple:

It is a 1.5 x 3 m concept made out of light metals which can be found in Arnie and van Dam movies (research tips), complete with touch pad buttons (for easy location findings) and an insect mesh to avoid hybrid based outcomes.

 “A fly… got into the… transmitter pod with me that first time, when I was alone. The computer… got confused – there weren’t supposed to be two separate genetic patterns – and it decided to… uhh… splice us together. It mated us, me and the fly. We hadn’t even been properly introduced.” – Seth Brundle (The Fly)

Enjoy the ride, and let the new travel age begin. . . 


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