an ode to the year that was

– – – 

Full of gut and without much thought

the first month (with little education) carried a job.

As engineering left my social life distraught,

teaching gave passion but not much bob.

365 days around the sun – an awkward age began.

Saluting the SAAF in the line for military run,

I pursued a dream that can never be explained to some.

Dusting off my backpack was how day 151 dawned,

there wasn’t even time for a yawn.

A new adventure arose as I caught a flight through Mumbai.

I began two months of living in the Thar desert, was filled with paan so much (I nearly got high).

It took a month to backpack 3000km over this Indian land

the sights, the experiences, the expeditions made my 3 marriage proposals less of a creep.

Arriving back home to my place of red sand

I noticed my travel bug taking a bit of a peep.

Road tripping to the dam down south, going on a safari up north,

flying kites in the east and exploring the Cape down west;

the past 12 months have been nothing short;

and as I end the year off with yet another personal best;

the lessons learnt and experiences gained

were as much of “life” that one could never forget.

I sit here with a cheers to a cheer saying,

“2011 – you were my greatest vague idea yet “

– – –

{Observatory Hill – Darjeeling, India – Aug ’11}


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