Saving Horns

The African Rhino – a majestic beast that roams the African plains.


Baptised “Rhinoceros” translated from Greek meaning “horned nose”,

I prefer the name Rhino; it is an alias upon which friendship grows.

His name stands proudly upon my face,

It gives him a magestical grace.

Each day he bask under the African sun, his armour tough and covered in mud,

Browsing upon grass he walks with a silent thud.

His peaceful habitat was filled with friends for miles,

now there are only a few the rest have carry a life-less a smile.

Two legs came out of nowhere and painted their grey armour red,

shaved off their horns and left them for dead.

“You”,  said the rhino, “I once called so dearly my friend,

Have removed my name and this you must end.”



World Rhino Day – 22 September


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