elephant = FOUND !

The idea of finding a full elephant skeleton which is hidden away in the Zoology building, seemed quite appealing. So, with camera in hand, an eager friend by my side and a sense of a marvelous quest above our heads; we ventured into this deceitful-looking building. . .

 The remarkable thing was certainly how BIG it actually was – seeing an elephant close enough to actually feel that small and insignificant was awesome. Fun fact, elephants have toes. . . so, I got the chance to stare down my favourite creature but to be honest I am only 98% sure of it being an elephant, the other 2%, I’m thinking it’s a mammoth.

1st quest – complete.


I have jotted down a bunch of quests worth venturing into over the next few years – think it will be a never ending list but a list nonetheless . . . take a look – adventures are meant to be shared (view the list).

[zoology – feb ’12]


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