one ticket please.

Strollng the city today, I realised, that I definitely had a guardian angel while walking through the streets of India. South African driving (taxis especially) is intense BUT throwing rickshaws, buses, motorbikes and cows into the mix definitely made each pedestrian excursion in India an excitable one. Regardless of how much I feared for my life every time I took a step outside the door, I miss the hustle and bustle of those crazy Indian streets. It was the easiest place to get around even if you wanted to see the entire continent, it was possible.

 bus routes to villages

train travelling totalling 52 hours and 3000km across the north

bike riding in Jodhpur

 countless rickshaw adventures

domestic flights through major cities

camel trekking in Jaisalmer

jeep rides across deserts and up into mountains

truck riding in Phalodi 

boat drift in Varanasi

yellow cabs in Kolkata

Ah, India, how I miss you. . .

{Photos were taken in ’11}



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