meeting inspiration

Arriving in Setrawa, I was touched by the overwhelming welcome I received from both the children of Sambhali Trust and the villagers. I was extremely nervous walking into an experience completely unknown to me and a hint of fear was evidently present but the traditional Indian greeting of flowers, red dots and sweets made me feel right at home. Sitting around in the late afternoon sun with the children as they impressed me with their impeccable English questions about my name, age, job, etc. I could almost feel the nervousness of arriving immediately escaping and being replaced an overwhelming sense of inspiration.

Sambhali Trust is a fairly new non-profit organisation based in Jodhpur, however, I applied for a teaching post at their Setrawa Empowerment Centre which is located about 3 hours (by bus) outside of the city. I knew from the very beginning that I would have to embody their 3 pillars of “unity, self-esteem and independence” and convey it whole heartedly to the bright beaming smiles ahead of me each day. I was excited to not only learn about the Indian culture through this experience but also a little bit about myself along the way.

People are my life’s inspiration, whether it be something I fear or love, the remarkable actions of another have profound actions upon myself, allowing me to carry out my daily routines with complete passion and enthusiasm.

Looking around at the beautiful faces filled with enthusiasm, eagerness and life, I knew that trying to fork out inspiration would be the last thing on my list of things to do.

[Children of Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Centre – Setrawa, India – June ’11]


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