Remembering Darjeeling

Arriving in Darjeeling with news that it had been raining for 3 months straight definitely put a damper on my one Indian Adventure goal: seeing the majestic Himalayan range.

although the rain continued and the mystical town was coated in clouds, it didn’t stop Darjeeling from turning out to be my all time favourite destination. Having travelled over 2000km across India to this small town tucked away in the mountains was probably the most thrilling journey and once i arrived, i never wanted to leave.

Waking up each morning to the peaceful sound of Nepali music, the smell of Tibet at its finest, meeting some inspiring people, jamming with a Kolkata band, trekking up to a Buddhist temple, changing hotels a total of three times, falling in love with a Nepali boy’s smile, learning yoga on top of a mountain, harvesting tea across the green landscape, playing bingo for meals, walking up down up up up and up  . . . the spirituality and bliss of this town never ended.

and although i ever expected much, on my last day at 5am, the sky was completely clear for one hour. . . i got my Himalayan view.

it truly put me in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

and i miss dearly, for the pure tranquility that was Darjeeling.




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  1. This posting brought back some memories of Darjeeling – I got to know it quite well when I was doing voluntary work at a school not far from the town.

    It was only after I’d been there a fair amount of time that its true glories revealed themselves to me: at last there was a clear day, and the snowy Kanchenjunga mountain range hovered above the town like a celestial land borne aloft a cloud (I’m almost getting poetic here).

    1. Ah, that is exactly the reaction I was looking for!!!
      Darjeeling, a place that does things to you that you never expected it could. . . like write in poetry!

      Glad you liked it!
      Much appreciated!!

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