The kindness of a stranger and a bit of artistic influence on my part had me racing through a torrential downpour between Pretoria and Johannesburg to catch a bus to the secret location under a bridge in New Town to watch. . . THE KOOKS.

Listening to a band that makes me see and feel music live. . . was absolutely beyond words.

Seeing my ringtone, “Naive”, absolutely rocked out by them was just incredible.

Hearing the rawness of the live version of “Seaside” melted my heart

and listening to the key changes of the guitar during “Sway” was a dream come true.

With the location almost empty towards the end of the night, dancing in the rain in the river on the highway was definitely another highlight to the night.

instead of waiting for the storm to pass, dance in the rain

was definitely proven that night.

what a blissful experience.

IMG_0783IMG_0817IMG_0793IMG_0804IMG_0778IMG_0790IMG_0792IMG_0801 - CopyIMG_0813

Biggest thank you to Karen – no words to express such gratitude.

Stormie, Ant and Shaz. . . thank you for making the experience more than i ever thought it could be.

|The Kooks||New Town, Johannesburg|| April ’13|


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