end of one – beginning of another

IMG_2622 - Copy

So the winter break has ended, and other than a new fear for cats; the days were nothing but a magical African//Geeky//Family filled adventure.

First day back in class, back at university and all I have is a new found peace within myself – each day I realise the importance of doing what you love. I read a quote once we all want to know, where we were meant to go and while people may spend their days searching for that specific place where they think they may find all that they thought they ever needed, they never really realise that at this present moment is the exact moment where you were always meant to be.

I’ve discovered the impact people have on my life, the ones that are  there for me bringing a smile, an idea, an adventure. . . they are the reason I am the person I am today. Thank you for just letting me be, for the understanding, for the guidance, for showing me that a singular life is meaningless because there is no point in developing a soul that is caged.

Here’s to another semester, a new adventure – my only advice:

IMG_2245 - Copy

may curiosity fill you


 Pilanesberg National Park || July ’13 || Karina Szuman


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