Elephant Safari

My number one favorite thing about living on this dark and mysterious continent named Africa, is that within 3 hours I am already whizzed off to some magical land filled with all things wild and beautiful with two of the most lovely ladies.

Elephants have by far been my source of animal love. These majestic giants tower over everything not just in shear size but in pure grace. Having been given the opportunity to not only touch, feed and ride these majestic creatures; I have been truly humbled by them – when you’re 3.4m above the ground on the back of the largest male named Michael. . . you get a new perspective on the little significant world below.

#1 most interesting fact: elephants lie down when they sleep. (literally lie on their side)

IMG_2815IMG_2683 IMG_2730 IMG_2727 IMG_2739 IMG_2743IMG_2724IMG_2699 IMG_2836IMG_2839 - Copy IMG_2848 IMG_2852 IMG_2872 - Copy

A biiiiiig thank you to Aunty Michelle and Stormie for an adventure that surpassed my wildest dreams.


Nature Reserve || North-West, South Africa|| July ’13


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