These past few days have been a bit of an eye-opener. I am one of those people that get by life without a single plan and it’s precisely that way that I have grown to love life . . . I cringe at the idea of long term goals and life-time plans . . . to me it’s the ultimate settling down and a settled soul is something I will never be, but these past few days have really driven me to see a little beyond what is happening right at this very moment and to almost see what my plans for today are shaping what may be the brightest future I have most certainly stumbled upon. These past few days have made me more enthusiastic about what there is to life // my life // that I could’ve ever dreamed possible and as much as I don’t want to admit it. . . I do kind of like this feeling.

The world is now my open field. . . I have chosen something to finally believe in.

IMG_1856 copy

Photo: Cheetah || Lion Park, July 2013 || Karina Szuman


The inspiration that may have started it all: YonderBiology||DinoPet



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