Falconine Friday #5


I found this little excerpt from a book called “Letters from the Earth” by Sunni Chapman.

This book is compilation of wonderful photography coupled with inspirational quotes and sayings; it is absolutely beautiful as it tells us how to be better humans by understanding that nature sometimes goes through the same emotions that we do.

This specific excerpt is entitled “Vulture” and reminds me that sometimes being different means being a misunderstood. People sometimes don’t see the beauty in these creatures, its all preference, but what one may say bad about you, its up to you to let it affect you or soar higher then any expectation.

All the freest flyers have been misunderstood

As we climb to the ever-higher perspectives, the beauty if everything begins to be revealed to us. Life feeds on life. Death is not an end, but a new beginning. Beauty and ugliness are nothing more than two perspectives on the same thing. Stretch your wings to the infinite current let yourself be carried by the power of your truth. Know that any judgement that visits you, is only your won in disguise. 

Karina Szuman || Vlad, the Cape Vulture || StellenBosch ’12


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