Wake me up when September ends. . .

I was told that September would be an amazing month, but nothing could have possibly prepared me for 30 days of pure bliss. . . almost felt as though someone would need to wake me up from adventures that surpassed my wildest dreams. . . and it was all thanks to a certain someone ((moj M*)).

kocham cie

The spring break came and ended but the bits that happened in between can never be explained . . . only felt:

+   i shot a gun . . . two.

+   rooftop drive-in

+   i went to a masked ball in a castle

+   i had a bath

+   i painted

+   i spent two days loving baby pine trees

+   i photographed wild beasts

+   i visited a zoo

+   i went to a concert in the park

+   mini-roadtrip

+   i ate at restaurant that is 100 years older than me

+   a movie night complete with dinner and desert

+   i looked at the sky

+   i loved science

+   i did puzzles

+   i slept

+   i crossed two things off my life-list

+   i drove in a bus

+   i found beauty

+   i shaved my hair. . . again

+   i partied in a shabeen

+   i dreamed

+   i relaxed

+   i sat in the sun

+   i learned something new

+   i listened

+   i smiled

and my favourite part of September

+   i fell in love for the umpteenth time

. . . it was perfect.

Park Acoustics || Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria || September ’13


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