Only Good Things

With the new year, there is always hope for a new you.
Whether I stick to my resolutions or not, one thing I always want to remember for the year is  “Only Good Things“.

I’ve got a new sense of adventure, the same I felt back in my gap year, and nothing could be more inspiring to face this year with smile.

Moving back to the capital soon and will be leaving the end of the year with my Bachelor of Science degree as a Biotechnologist in Plant Sciences.  Nifty title, but something I never dreamed would ever be happening.

The last two years have flown by, and with this last year, I have many unfinished projects, plans, goals and adventures to attend to.

When I’m not busy reading up on the wonderful world around us, there will be trips to plan, roads to travel, mountains to climb, people to love, beaches to bask on, photos to take, things to bake, mac and cheese nachos to cook and friends to make many many lasting memories with.

IMG_4597With each setting of the sun, I want to be more inspired with the next rise.

Sediba || South Africa || Jan 2014


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