Hello Friday

It’s Friday.
I’m going home!

Here is an eagle || Falconine Friday #6


Eagle spotting || Marina Beach || South Africa


Falconine Friday #5


I found this little excerpt from a book called “Letters from the Earth” by Sunni Chapman.

This book is compilation of wonderful photography coupled with inspirational quotes and sayings; it is absolutely beautiful as it tells us how to be better humans by understanding that nature sometimes goes through the same emotions that we do.

This specific excerpt is entitled “Vulture” and reminds me that sometimes being different means being a misunderstood. People sometimes don’t see the beauty in these creatures, its all preference, but what one may say bad about you, its up to you to let it affect you or soar higher then any expectation.

All the freest flyers have been misunderstood

As we climb to the ever-higher perspectives, the beauty if everything begins to be revealed to us. Life feeds on life. Death is not an end, but a new beginning. Beauty and ugliness are nothing more than two perspectives on the same thing. Stretch your wings to the infinite current let yourself be carried by the power of your truth. Know that any judgement that visits you, is only your won in disguise. 

Karina Szuman || Vlad, the Cape Vulture || StellenBosch ’12

Falconine Friday #3

The last few days out in the bush has truly been a dream come true – an inspirational journey before the new semester begins.

Being in touch with nature truly opens your eyes to see a little bit beyond the flat beauty of the earth. I notice the trees, the sand, the water, the sky, the many creatures and although they each are beautiful individually, the true magic comes when you see how all these elements are intertwined – making this world unbelievably gorgeous.

This week’s Falconine Friday post was actually taken this morning. . . spotted scanning the dam in the warm African sun was the fierce but graceful Fish Eagle.


We spotted an owl too.

Perfect end to a magical adventure//holiday.

| Fish Eagle || National Park, South Africa || Karina Szuman |

Falconine Friday #1

falconine : of, like or pertaining to falcons or hawks

Birds of prey have been on my mind a lot lately. There is something magical in their freedom, silence and stance that just makes them beautiful, elegant and powerful.

I realised while flicking through my photographs that I have an abnormal amount of photos of birds, so I decided to start a little blog project of Falconine Fridays, simply, each Friday I will post up a photograph I have taken of these majestic beasts of the sky.


IMG_3308 - Copy

|African Black Eagle || Spier, Stellenbosch || Karina Szuman|