Two Zero One Six

To see the world, things dangerous to come, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

As we coast through into the new year, the question to always come up over conversation coupled with cocktails and scrumptious cuisines is “what are your new years resolutions?”

The new year always seems a new opportunity for everyone to initiate change but the real change only comes if you choose to move on from the person you were last year. Its difficult to identify the parts of you that need improvement, call it ego, or downright selfishness, its human nature to think we’re awesome just the way we are. However, I for a fact can say that I will definitely walk into 2016 being no ounce of the person I was in 2015.

Its not about change, its about moving on.

As the world’s worst goal setter because discouragement is real when not all are achieved. Sometimes setting a single goal, one lonely new year resolution for 2016 might just be the way to go . . . for 2016 its, the quote above from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Its almost impossible to find the purpose of life but the little to big adventures you take, the risks you make, the lessons you learn, the experiences you put yourself in, the love you fall into, the friendships you make, the heartbreaks you suffer, the places you visit and the little things that inspire you . . . they are all choices you make that get you a little closer to understanding the purpose of your life.

I read a blog post that puts this goal into words. . . its gets a little biblical towards the end but the beginning couldn’t hold more true because over the course of a year people lose the ability to connect with people and the world around, only because you involve yourself with people, things and places that didn’t move you forward but rather kept you stationary.

I don’t want to be stationary, I want to engage. Engage with the world around me and the beautiful people that fill it on a level that makes me feel, draw closer and perhaps maybe even see behind walls. I want to travel further, capture more moments, write more stories and share worlds between with the people I meet along the way.

Here’s to moving on.  With the enthusiasm, plans and opportunities I have for myself, this is the year for adventure, happiness and love.

And I wish nothing less for you.


Plettenberg Bay, South Africa || January 2016


week [three]

The fridge is full of butternut and dinners are never eaten alone//without mess;
live bands are the soundtrack to the adventures with my capital family;
runs here, walks there, a bit of roadtripping when lazy,
the days are sunshiney and the nights are epic. . .
and somehow between it all I still have the chance to learn about this big beautiful world
even though he is always just around corner. .

“being young, free, adventurous, in love and south african.”

I’m definitely back in the capital.

Loving every second.

Only Good Things

With the new year, there is always hope for a new you.
Whether I stick to my resolutions or not, one thing I always want to remember for the year is  “Only Good Things“.

I’ve got a new sense of adventure, the same I felt back in my gap year, and nothing could be more inspiring to face this year with smile.

Moving back to the capital soon and will be leaving the end of the year with my Bachelor of Science degree as a Biotechnologist in Plant Sciences.  Nifty title, but something I never dreamed would ever be happening.

The last two years have flown by, and with this last year, I have many unfinished projects, plans, goals and adventures to attend to.

When I’m not busy reading up on the wonderful world around us, there will be trips to plan, roads to travel, mountains to climb, people to love, beaches to bask on, photos to take, things to bake, mac and cheese nachos to cook and friends to make many many lasting memories with.

IMG_4597With each setting of the sun, I want to be more inspired with the next rise.

Sediba || South Africa || Jan 2014

Monkey Business

a beautiful day to hit the road of adventure with my #1 favourite. 

IMG_3918 IMG_3931 IMG_4083 IMG_4104 IMG_4108 IMG_4117 IMG_4141 IMG_4148 IMG_4153 IMG_4159 IMG_4161 IMG_4184 - Copy

+ a place where monkeys run free was on the list and it was unbelievably amazing // majestic views, monkeys, limas, bush babies and buck // the 3km walk was beautiful and friendly.
+  intelligence, friendliness, mischief and pick pocketing were high on the monkey’s agenda // sharing not so much.

+ fish fingers, peanut butter sandwiches, and water were on the menu // Antoshy even made a new best friend by being his plate, serviette, and transport (*in that order).

Monkey Sanctuary || South Africa || Dec ’13

Human of the Week

There are always those people that no matter how hard life gets, when you feel as though you’re falling apart . . . they’re the ones running with glue and a permanent marker to plaster a never-ending smile.

Here’s to all the
Humans of the Week

life is always just that much brighter when you’re around.

PS: humans, don’t forget, you’re always someone’s human!