Ooty to Coonoor to Ooty


Of course!

That nine letter word pretty much dictates my life. South India is definitely place for a little wanderer like me to do a bit of adventuring.

A random decision one Sunday to part-take in some local sight-seeing, tea picking and trekking ended up being one of my favourite days. I would definitely never say no to a roadtrip and one in India on a bus with random Indian families… I almost couldn’t wait to step foot on my adventure ride. As South Africans would say, “local is lekker” and being the only foreigner on my bus was definitely the best way to see some Southern Indian beauty.

Arriving late, to the bus stop and then being greeted by a man with a cloth as pants. I almost wondered what I got myself into, but once he politely ordered the man sitting on the front seat to move so that me (the foreigner) could sit right near him, I knew that I’d be well taken care of. The language was a bit of an issue but my driver who also doubled as my sole tour guide, photographer, driving companion and lunch date was actually pretty awesome.

I literally managed to see everything Ooty to Coonoor has to offer in 8.5 hours.

It was definitely an adventure to remember!


My ride // “the boss”


Front row seat


Lookout just outside Ooty


Trekking in style


Lamb’s Rock


Lamb’s Rock




Singara Tea Garden


Plantation fields


Government Botanical Gardens

((Posts of each place coupled with tales and photos will be published soon))

South India || February ’16


a day in asia // hello china

Sometimes we all just need to escape the moment we’re in. . . sometimes you just need to experience something new, visit a different town and absolutely submerge yourself into their world. . . just to escape, even just for a day – the most perfect one, to place of tranquility, adventure and delicious cuisine.

and that’s just what we did. . .

IMG_5143 IMG_5155 IMG_5171 IMG_5210IMG_5215 - CopyIMG_5173IMG_5176IMG_5182IMG_5202 - Copy IMG_5238

April ’14

What my weekend looked like

Spending three days out in the Mpumalanga Midlands on an ecology botany field trip. . . I couldn’t have asked for more zen in my life. I spent my days with the most beautiful people that kept my soul smiling  – we roadtripped, we trekked, we got lost, and along the way we had an adventure exploring nature.


IMG_4875 IMG_4883 IMG_4893 IMG_4896 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 IMG_4922 IMG_4926 IMG_4942 IMG_4944 IMG_4952 IMG_4961 IMG_4973 IMG_4988 IMG_4990 IMG_4996 IMG_5006 IMG_5016 IMG_5040 IMG_5051

Mpumalanga || South Africa || March ’14

Monkey Business

a beautiful day to hit the road of adventure with my #1 favourite. 

IMG_3918 IMG_3931 IMG_4083 IMG_4104 IMG_4108 IMG_4117 IMG_4141 IMG_4148 IMG_4153 IMG_4159 IMG_4161 IMG_4184 - Copy

+ a place where monkeys run free was on the list and it was unbelievably amazing // majestic views, monkeys, limas, bush babies and buck // the 3km walk was beautiful and friendly.
+  intelligence, friendliness, mischief and pick pocketing were high on the monkey’s agenda // sharing not so much.

+ fish fingers, peanut butter sandwiches, and water were on the menu // Antoshy even made a new best friend by being his plate, serviette, and transport (*in that order).

Monkey Sanctuary || South Africa || Dec ’13


Went to the zoo, took a few photos, entered them into the “Fun Photography Competition 2013”. . .

Results aren’t announced til December. . .

but, my photo was published in their monthly.

{{ online version: }}

My first ever photographic publication.



+ see online version here.

+ other photographs that were entered will be posted  – keep a look out !

+ something very small but definitely a tick off my life list.