My goal to do more adventuring came around sooner than expected. A spontaneous little roadtrip adventure yesterday to Nelspruit with the best friend-ship turned out to be my first adventure of 2016.

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Those who know me well enough, know that I will never, and I mean never pass up the opportunity to be driven around. Whether it be to the shop down the road or a random location which requires a highway drive, you will always have a co-pilot if I’m around. However, I don’t think you really realise how far a place is until you drive there and back within the same day. But our journey to Nelspruit was a little different as we were driving in the actual Flash mobile, coupled with the best company, all the laughs, gorgeous views and perfectly timed single stop, the adventure began as soon as we embarked.

Going on roadtrips is honestly one of my favourite things. I don’t know if its the sound of the of the car over the tar or the idea of going from one place to another, but it’s lovely. I tend to always look out the window and get little thrills every time I see the landscape change and somehow the random playlist of songs perfectly couples the journey like a soundtrack to a movie. As we pass by other cars, I like to sneak in a little peak at the passengers and wonder to where the road leads their destination. The movement of the clouds and the on and off of shady shadows as you drive between hills and trees makes you feel as though you’re drifting off to somewhere you’re meant to be. Peering out and down onto the dark tar and seeing the flashes of white lines as you accelerate between them.

Roadtripping, its all about the movement and constant moving of everything around you.

Knowing that you’re not stationary but rather in constant motion towards somewhere undiscovered, I think that there is where the thrill lies. Travelling simply for the sake of travelling. To arrive at your destination only to do something random like hug a tree or trek through the heat in search of some of South Africa’s beautiful flora.

That’s the beauty of roadtrips… it’s travelling for the eyes and the body soon follows.

Go find someone fun to roadtrip with and just go – your destination will find itself.

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Thank you to these beautiful people for a day to remember but for now that’s where my roadtripping ends, as my next adventure will be here sooner than time tells.

Nelspruit, South Africa || 2016



that time we went to the lodge.

A biiiig thanks to Carlos for letting us adventure at his inheritance and making this crazy awesome video.

And of course, to the best of mates for the most amazing couple of days!

Sediba ||North West, South Africa || Jan 2014