The Actual Museum

With all my excitement of reliving some of my Polish memories, I forgot to write about my actual experience at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow (Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie).


It was the second trip to the bustling student city of Krakow during my two month stay in the homelands. During my first visit, I was completely taken aback by the gorgeous town. Even in the winter and minus degree weather, this South African with Indian and Polish blood struggled, but my Polish blood definitely fought to get the upper hand over the snow! The frozen grounds and wrapped up bodies didn’t put a damper of the thrill of adventure.

Within my first visit, I had actually planned to be in Krakow, so I visited all the historical sites and well-known tourist spots. Evidently on the second unplanned trip, leaving the station, we only knew how to get to the guesthouse that made the first trip of cold nights in a lonely city absolutely amazing.

I struggle to do a lot of tourist things mostly because I don’t like large crowds and I feel that there are better ways to experience a country, however, I also really feel the need to see some of the things that people have been seeing for years, just to give my two cents on it too. On a very unexpectedly sunny day in January, I decided to look through trusty Google and see if there were any hidden gems in Krakow that people seem to always overlook. Bam! I found it, he Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow (Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie).

My favourite part was that you could escape the city to get there but still remained within Krakow. Obviously, I had the address for the place as well as directions and which transport system to use to get there, but I still managed to lose the entire museum. After a walk down a sand road and a very beautiful park – the direction was based according to an old airplane tail that was quite difficult to actual miss seeing as it went up into the sky.

The building of the museum itself is stunning. Very modern and on the outside, you kind of wonder, how are they to fit airplanes in there?

But wait, not only are there interior planes to play around on and aviation based games to unpack, there are also old planes that hang from the roof and displayed on the floor. This place is huge.

IMG_0133IMG_0136IMG_0144IMG_0147 IMG_0149IMG_0236

Just when I thought it couldn’t get larger, hello entire outside graveyard of aircrafts with hangers filled with more airplanes! Needless to say, I was in heaven. The reason for the massive size of the place it that it used to be an old military airfield known as the Rakowice-Czyżny airfield. The property itself has some pretty interesting history that involves many obvious wars.

IMG_0168IMG_0164  IMG_0206IMG_0153

I compare the outside exhibition to the elephant graveyard in Lion King but alas, is it way more awesome! There are some ridiculous amount of aircrafts that are on display ranging from propeller planes, to fighter jets and military choppers. Within the hangers (which you can enter) are bits about aircrafts that were used during some of the infamous wars.

The restoration of the aircrafts, the mad volume of display units and the impeccable way that they have been on show to the public, made this experience one for the books.


Krakow, Poland || Jan ’15


Planes, planes, planes. . . in Poland.

This last summer, I had the opportunity to experience a winter like no other. Landing in Poland, I found another part of the world to truly call my home and just like my other travels. . . I know that a part of me was claimed by the historically beautiful land, so naturally I came home with a void left to fill with the enthusiasm of adventure on the next chapter of my life.

Although I have no idea what the world has for me over the next few months, one thing is for sure,

“When in doubt, hold on to your altitude. No one has ever collided with the sky.”

Second visit to Krakow after snowboarding in Zakopane, I couldn’t resist the beauty of aviation presented at the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie.

IMG_0130 IMG_0154 IMG_0138 IMG_0155 IMG_0165 IMG_0205IMG_0172 IMG_0177 IMG_0190  IMG_0182 IMG_0204 IMG_0220 IMG_0181

        Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie || Krakow, Poland || January ’15